"Hereford" Harmony Singing Camp:

We are sorry that there will be no HH singing camp this year, my tent is still drying out after last year!!

We hope that you find some other lovely singing opportunities this year and we'll let you know about the plans for 2014 as they unfold.


There is a video of last year's camp, and it just looks amazing....we all look so happy, in spite of the worst that the british weather can throw at us. It made me feel nostalgic about the MUD!

Thankyou Sharon for that. If you would like a copy, get in touch with Roxane. 

For more information:

Hereford Harmony Singing Camp
is having a year off for 2013 


Harmony: when we sing together the whole is infinitely greater than the sum of the parts.

Hereford Harmony Camps aim to create a weekend  filled with fun and wonderful things to do and be a part of.

For a video clip of 2012 https://vimeo.com/45023414 shows just how wonderful the power of singing is.

Yes......it rained and...yes.... it was muddy, but the harmonies and deep sense of connection and community and caring for each other, and fun and singing won the day. Good singing triumphed over Evil weather!

The fabulous singing workshops are the main focus, but we also think the Yoga and Qigong are important in creating a special event where we sing and live together in a way that is significantly different to everyday life. We run accessible workshops in a variety of styles of singing. The songs are taught by ear - no experience necessary. There are also other scheduled events - a cabaret, singing around the camp fire plus circus skills. And of course the impromptu sessions which have always been such fun!

A special magic occurs when you put these ingredients together, and you are invited to join us and be part of it.